Rings of Ilmater's Salvation

These simple platinum rings have a sigil on top that appears to be a pair of hands bound at the wrists. Found in a temple that mysteriously appeared, they seem to have been a gift to the heroes. The rings, drawing from the same source of power, are able to heal woulds when invoked with the command word.

Activation: Activated by whispering a command word. If unable to speak, you are unable to activate the ring.

Description: On activation the ring allows you to cure wounds on a creature you can touch. This touch is part of the bonus action, assuming the creature is within reach. If the creature is hostile to you, the touch must be an attack and is no longer a bonus action.

Effect: On touch, heal the target for 1d8+4 Hit Points.

Charges: The ring has as many charges as the character level of the lowest-level wearer minus 1. The rings draw from a shared pool of charges. This pool recharges after all bearers complete a long rest.

Higher Levels: Add 1D8 at each of the following levels: 4,7,10,14,17,20

Rings of Ilmater's Salvation

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